We offer the best Solar, LED, and heating & cooling technology currently on the market, and all at the best price. We stand by our work long after we have installed.All our products come with local Australian Warranties.

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Some Benefits of our products & Services

Our experienced and qualified electricians guarantee a quick and easy installation process. We guarantee the highest quality products and service with anyone in our team. You get access to a green energy source, removing your reliance on fluctuating grid prices.

LED upgrades cost?

Working out how the cost of replacement and installation depends on a number of factors, such as the type of business ou run, how long the lights are running, what type of lights you have installed, and what subsidies you are eligible for..

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The experience to Deliver

Our team brings together a group of experienced energy and construction industry professionals who are passionate about delivering exceptional service and achieving sustainable benefits for our customers and planet.

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Our heat pump systems

Heat pump hot water units self-contain the heating process to limit energy wastage. Upgrading from an electric hot water system to an energy-efficient heat-pump system can save you hundreds every year in water heating costs.

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Quality products

We use only proven, reliable and environmentally responsible products that will deliver long life and are backed by strong warranties. Being product and brand agnostic means our customers always receive unbiased product recommendations.

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What Can We Do For You?

The NSW energy saving scheme is a government scheme designed to reduce electricity consumption in NSW. Eligible residential and small business customers receive financial incentives to invest in projects that save energy. For low prices we can upgrade or install systems to your residence or business to save you money on your energy bill.

LED Light

We will upgrade your lights to modern energy efficient LED lights.

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Solar Panel

We will install solar panels and batteries for business or residential customers, monitoring their output.

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Heat Pumps

We will upgrade your hot water system for a more efficient electric heat pump system.

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Free Consultation Service

We have a professional technical and sales team to assist you with any of your query.

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Air Conditioning

We will install a new energy efficient air conditioner to your residence or business that suits your specific needs.

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Smoke Alarm

If your home is not compliant with State Smoke Alarm regulations, your home may not be covered by your home insurance.

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By changing just 20 halogen downlights to LEDs, you can save $326 per year on your energy bills. LED lights are designed for maximum energy efficiency. Our quality LEDs have been designed for a long life, guaranteed to shine for a 25,000 hour lifetime.

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Facts About LED Upgrade:

LED Lights are sophisticated electronic devices, unlike old halogen lights. The components of the lights and design allow them to function more reliably, with greater performance.

What we offer:

Government rebated air conditioners tailored to your specific situation and needs. We offer both the products and installation, working with licensed installers. Our sales team will choose the product for you from our catalogue that best suits your needs.

A commitment to partnership:

We partner with our customers to deliver enduring value; we work with integrity, openness and trust.


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Our close relationships with suppliers and accredited certificate providers ensure we provide superior quality products, matched to our customers needs. we expect you can get satisfactory assistance or service from our works and products.

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